Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Easter Hangover this Sunday

Mark Alburger

As many of you know, my fiancee Kat is an opera singer. As such, she's introduced me to the bizarre and wonderful world of independent opera in San Francisco. And I'm so glad to have been introduced.

Last weekend, I caught Halfway Mark, a retrospective of the work of local composer Mark Alburger. There were some very beautiful sounds, some... counterintuitive sounds. There was also screaming and whispering and talking. Alburger pulls his text from Beckett, classified ads, and everything else. It was one of the most punk concerts I've been to in San Francisco. For reals.

Much of the Bay Area's underground opera world revolves around the tiny nonprofit Goat Hall Productions. Goat Hall puts on a festival of new opera every summer, and a scattering of other shows throughout the year. This Sunday, check out Easter Hangover. Goat Hall's website describes Hangover as "Eclectic spiritual works from religious texts by composers Mark Alburger, John Partridge, and others. A revelatory experience."

Sunday, April 29, 2:00 PM, Goat Hall, 400 Missouri St, $20 admission

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