Saturday, May 31, 2008

big bIG BIG CONTEST CONTest contest

Idiolexicon and Sorry for Snake present the big bIG BIG CONTEST CONTest contest, in which you could get your own copy of Sorry for Snake 4 just for writing a mere 38 syllables of poetry.

The sedoka is a form of waka (traditional Japanese poetry), like haiku. The form is 5-7-7-5-7-7. If you wiki waka, you can learn more about sedoka, including how the form developed and where the turns might happen in a traditional sedoka.

Now that you have a vague understanding of what sedoka is, write one! Send your poem to submissions at Our favorite ten sedoka will end up in the first issue of the new, improved, relaunched Idiolexicon. More importantly, you'll get your very own copy of Sorry for Snake 4, which has been in print for like three days and is already being considered a major turning point in contemporary poetics.

Get them in soon! We'll be announcing the winners at the Logan Ryan Smith and Jessica Wickens reading on June 9.

Be sure to include your address, so that Jack knows where to send your journal when you win.

A contest... with rules?! Elliot, this is not what we've fought long and hard for! Can you not see an opportunity to finally stage The Contest when it stares you right in the face? (/inside joke)
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