Saturday, May 03, 2008

Saturday Morning (Journalism) Quarterback

The top five stories worth reading from this past week in worth-reading stories:

Happy May Day everyone! Remember, the Labor and Progressive Movements began in the US. The Nation remembers laborers who've died on the job and Buzzflash asks if Made In America needs a comeback. Plus, is there any way to stop Wal*Mart from sweatshop profiteering?

Also this week, the era of cheap and plentiful oil is almost over, and Mother Jones looks into the media the scrubbing of coal.

In "what we eat" news, Salon lets us know how to eat seafood ethically. Alternet says corporate vultures are behind the world food crisis, and The Financial Times Of London says the global food crisis is a chance to reform global agriculture. Also, the very real issue of artificial food and Frankencrops.

In civics news this week, a Congressional lawsuit is challenging Presidential powers, and The Nation has a very good article on the right to keep and bear arms.

Finally, in economics this week, Time Magazine reminds us many states are also in recession. Salon has an interesting piece on the gilded age - past and present, and the Pentagon is strangling our economy.

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