Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday Morning (Journalism) Quarterback

The top five stories worth reading from this past week in worth-reading stories:

This week: bike lane battles!

In food and the environment news, Alternet says profiteers are squeezing billions out of the global food crisis, coffee drinkers should ditch the paper cup and new food safety rules may do more harm than good. National Geographic reports on "green" banana farming gaining appeal, and finally, is bottled water on the way out?

Locus Magazine says to think like a dandelion in the new age of marketing.

In economics this week, The American Prospect reports on the US going from manufacturing products to manufacturing debt, and how Europe avoided our mess. Also, The Campaign For America's Future says lets bank on rebuilding America.

Finally this week, Salon asks if everything we think about American history is wrong.

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