Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday Morning (Journalism) Quarterback

The top five stories worth reading from this past week in worth-reading stories:

This week we start with a pair of articles about our young generation having started the Multiculture club and our generation having seen the death of the critic.

Also this week, Alternet features Bill Moyers saying democracy in America is a series of narrow escapes, Howard Zinn asking "should anarchism be a dirty word?", and a final question about the US succumbing to inverted totalitarianism. Following that last notion, Common Dreams reports on secret laws and Think Progress reports on government lists.

Phyorg reports on the amazing Aymara people.

This week is World Vegetarian Week! Did you know America wastes 27% of food produced for consumption? That more Americans face food shortages?

Finally this week, economic stories on (not) keeping up with our parents and the meltdown lowdown.

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